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I finally have a free evening so it seems a good time to roll around in bed and write an LJ post.

Aside from a day-trip to Valencia on the 30th, most of those days were in Barcelona - which doesn't really seem to consider itself part of Spain despite legal technicalities, hence more or less - but we have now moved onto Granada in Andalusia. Being rather far south, we did this on an overnight train.

So far, our trip has involved:

cut to have mercy on people's f-listsCollapse )

... That got a lot longer than originally intended, probably obvious from the way the detail increased a lot towards the latter half of the post. Oh well. Probably no one read the whole thing, but kudos if you did. XD

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Jan. 2nd, 2014

Just experienced what I am pretty sure was a Spanish fascist-communist chant-off.

That was different...

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Actually it is now like 2.30 a.m. But I needed to pack my stuff since tomorrow we are checking out of our hostel.

It's 2014, guys! \o/ May it be a good one for all of you. <3

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In Barcelona

FYI! I survived a cumulative 21 hours on a plane and am in the process of trying to stay awake until evening (we arrived at about 7 in the morning). Been on a walking tour of the Gothic Quarter this morning, ate tapas for lunch, and am booked for a cooking tour this evening. More detail may follow later.

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So I finished Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies on Wednesday night (or more accurately, Gyakuten Saiban 5, since my 3DS is Japanese and those things are region-coded) and I am still kind of processing, but I just have so many FEELINGS, ugh. Said feelings are kind of complicated, but overall I really enjoyed it. I think Trials and Tribulations and Gyakuten Kenji 2 (sadly to date not localised) are still my favourites, but it was way way wayyyyy better than Apollo Justice, so there's that.

Anyway, like I said, I am all overflowing with thoughts and feelings and I have no one to talk to about them, plus twitter is really only good for one-liners and tumblr and I have a mutual hate relationship (plus I don't know how to make a spoiler cut on the app) so naturally, I thought of LJ!

Of course, then I got most of the way through this post and the app crashed, taking everything with it without even leaving a draft. But whatever.

Keep in mind that I played the game in Japanese, so while I refer to older characters by their English names (Phoenix, Edgeworth, Apollo), the new characters I am referring to by their Japanese names because half the time I don't know the English name and even when I do I don't really associate it with the character. I'll try to be clear who I am talking about though - e.g. the convict prosecutor is Yuugami Jin, and Phoenix's new junior is Kizuki Kokone.

Beware ending spoilers!

Ending spoilers for Dual Destinies below the cut.Collapse )

Also, because I was bored and because FEELINGS, I drew Yuugami and Kokone. LJ app won't let me upload pictures from the ipad, so have a link to tumblr: http://tammaiya.tumblr.com/post/67614405449/oekaki-for-ace-attorney-dual-destinies-i-was. (Kokone's ponytail is on the wrong side but it was too much of a pain to fix. It is a MIRROR IMAGE, okay.)

I am kind of amused at how after months of crickets chirping LJ has exploded into sudden activity. You know it is Yuletime when...

This doesn't affect me so much, because I haven't participated in Yuletide ever before and I am not about to start when I can't even update my own WiPs, but. It does make one a little nostalgic for the days back when you would go away for a weekend and come back to 3 pages of F-list backlog.

Still trying to break out of the habit of writing blog posts in my head and then never committing the words to virtual paper, but it's difficult, because writing the thoughts down takes time and I am feeling the pinch of that enough as it is. I probably need some time off but I am using all my leave on Spain and Paris, so that isn't going to happen anytime soon. Not that I regret it- I am pretty excited about finally getting to see EUROPE - but I am a little tired at the moment.

Speaking of nostalgia, recently I have been reminiscing about one of my old origi-fic worlds, and I went poking about google drive to see if I could find any of the old planning docs. No dice - I will have to check an external harddrive if I can be bothered enough - but I did find some hilarious unfinished documents as well as a depressing number of WiPs. For example, there is a document which was PROBABLY meant to be a game blog, but the only line in it is "I had to stop myself from actually shrieking out loud: OH NO, NOT HER!!!!!!!!!!!" ... I read that and then just stared, mystified, wondering what on Earth that was referring to??? (I did wonder if it was a reference to Dahlia Hawthorne in the later episodes of Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations, but I seem to have a different unfinished but at least more finished than that file for T&T in my google drive so I guess not?)

There is also an unfinished gameblog for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. It is amusing to reread my original impressions of games a while after I played them. In particular - "The eighth mystery of Twilight Town: Xion's magically disappearing and reappearing hood." I STILL DON'T GET THAT. And it is still a thing in the cinematic HD version in 1.5, too. Why? We may never know.

Actually, speaking of reading the original impressions of games I played a while ago, having just replayed Trials & Tribulations, it was pretty funny to see some places where I apparently made EXACTLY THE SAME MISTAKE on both play-throughs. I guess some things don't change.

Meanwhile, an update on the status of what I am up to in my tragically limited free time.

Watching: Since the last post, I finished S1 of the Magi anime and have also started Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, along with the aforementioned Elementary, Once Upon a Time and Legend of Korra. I haven't started s2 of Magi, which is currently airing, because conveniently enough s1 finished about where I was up to in the manga. I am going to catch up on the manga before I pick up watching again. I also started watching the Taiwanese drama Love Buffet, because... it was there and why not? I dunno. It is based on the manga Love Parfait and I find it a little distressing when I keep veering between who I ship the main character with - it is a love triangle and at any given moment I am usually shipping her with whoever she is not in love with, which is a bit awkward. Plus sometimes I want to smack people for being idiots. Which actually is not related to the love triangle itself. I have opinions about love triangles, but these can wait until that Cassie Palmer post I still swear I will get around to one of these days.

Playing: Still stalled on AC etc, still playing Project Diva F on and off. Finished replaying Gyakuten Kenji and have now moved onto Gyakuten Kenji 2, which I have never played before so it is a new and interesting experience. Be hard to write fic about since it was never translated, but there are a lot of aspects that are quite intriguing, like Gregory Edgeworth's junior showing up. Also, I should have known it was coming, there is quite possibly a corrupt judge for a change. These games have a REALLY messed up legal system... and I am beginning to form an awful suspicion that Edgeworth may lose his badge around the same time Phoenix did...

Also, I just acquired the Tales of Symphonia/Knights of Ratatosk PS3 remake, so I am contemplating whether to start playing that.

Reading: Finished Shadowfell Book 2. That is an interesting one for me, because by book 2 it is less about the romance than the rebellion plot line, and these days usually I won't bestir myself to read something unless I have an existing attachment to it (e.g. Discworld) or I am going to ship something. And usually in books I will go for the books where the thing I ship is canon. Also, Shadowfell is set in a rather dystopian political environment, which generally isn't my thing... but I do like stories about the Fair Folk, and so I will keep reading it. Since the last post, I have also read... hmm.

This needs bullet points.
Book ramble.Collapse )

Since I am determined to start blogging again, I decided a good way to do this would be with an update on what fannish things are currently happening in my life...

Now watching: I have finally started watching the anime of Magi, which has been around for months now and which I have vaguely been intending to watch since it started. I love the manga (which I am now also several volumes behind on) and being now up to episode 19, I can vouch for the fact that it is a really good adaptation - the voicing suits the characters, it is really faithful to the manga, and the animation is beautiful. There is a season 2 starting in about a week, which is also exciting! But I suspect I will actually have to catch up on the manga for s2.

A bunch of my shows have also just started up again, so I am also watching S2 of The Legend of Korra, S2 of Elementary, and S3 of Once Upon a Time. I was catching up on White Collar and managed to get from a season and a half behind to half a season behind, but I have stalled on that one again.

Now playing: Technically I am in the middle of Assassin's Creed on PS3, Trails in the Sky on PSP, and Final Fantasy Gaiden: The 4 Heroes of Light on DS, but in terms of what I am actually making progress in right now - Project Diva F, a rhythm game for PS3, and (of course) Gyakuten Kenji (AKA Ace Attorney Investigations) on DS. I also started the Magi game on 3DS, but that was more on a whim than anything. It is what finally pushed me to start watching the Magi anime, though.

Now reading (books): I just finished Tempt the Stars (Cassie Palmer book 6) by Karen Chance and Isabella and The English Witch by Loretta Chase. These represent two of the reading genres I now generally stick to crabbing about - paranormal romance, and historical romance. XD I refuse to be judged! Also, I have a lot of feelings about Cassie Palmer right now, so there might be a post about book 6 one of these days that is a thinly veiled excuse to pontificate about my feelings on the love triangle and why I am Team Pritkin all the way. Currently, I am in the middle of Raven Flight, book 2 of a new-ish series called Shadowfell by an Australian author, Juliet Marillier. It is high fantasy, set against a celtic sort of folklore, about a political rebellion and a girl whose canny powers to make friends of the fae (the Good Folk) make her a target. The world-building in this one is pretty rich, and it doesn't suffer from the heavy-handing writing style and language usage that high fantasy can be prone to. Plus, I do enjoy any good book about the fae.

Now reading (manga): I am not in the middle of tearing through any series wholesale, but there are a number I am reading from month to month as they come out. The ones that spring particularly to mind are Skip Beat!, Love So Life, Kimi ni Todoke, and Kami-sama Hajimemashita, which... are all shoujo. Huh. Technically I am also reading Sekaiichi Hatsukoi as it comes out, but it comes out so infrequently it doesn't really feel accurate to say I am in the middle of reading it. Meanwhile, I am feeling the distinct urge to catch up on Magi (not a shoujo - gasp!) and Pokemon Special, and also to start the Magi spin-off manga (The Adventures of Sinbad). Of these, the last chapter of Skip Beat! was a major cliffhanger, so that is the one I am most on the edge of my seat waiting on the next chapter for.

Now writing: ................... *WEEPS BITTER TEARS* If I were to provide a list here of all the WiPs that I feel guilty about but haven't touched in months or years, it would be longer than this entire post. I did start a Phoenix Wright fic, though. Who knows if I will ever finish it or even write any more on it, but starting something at all is notable enough these days.

Looking forward to: Many, many things. I exist in a perpetual state of impatience. *g* At the top of the list right now are KH3 (it has actually been announced now! but still doesn't have a release date, so I will be waiting a pretty long while), KH 2.5 HD Remix (okay this hasn't actually been officially announced yet but it seems almost impossible that it won't be given everything, so my near future chances of this one are a lot higher than they are for KH3), Cassie Palmer book 7 (these books come out every 2 years so it is possible I will legit see KH3 first, or at least have a release date for it by the time this book comes out), and the next chapter of Skip Beat! and next episodes of my shows, which at least I have a chance of seeing in the next few weeks. Also kind of looking forward to the Disney movie Frozen and the next Thor movie. :)

Naturally, if anyone wants to discuss any of the games, books, tv shows, manga, etc in this post, I am all for it! Come at me, bro.

Sep. 30th, 2013

So recently I've strayed back to twitter, because snarky one-liners about various things (at the moment, mostly Kingdom Hearts - because Meg is playing KH3D - and Phoenix Wright - because I am playing that) take a lot less effort on my part than a full post. However, I have been feeling the vague impulse to make an actual proper post about a few things, and this is one of those things.

As alluded to above, I am currently replaying the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten series of games on DS in preparation for Gyakuten Saiban 5, AKA Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. I've got it in Japanese - not least because I have a Japanese 3DS and 3DSes are region-coded - but I originally played the first 4 Ace Attorney games in English. I did play Gyakuten Kenji (AKA Ace Attorney Investigations) in Japanese, though. Which is not the point of this post, but is some possibly interesting context.

So, I am currently replaying the series. Skipping Apollo Justice, because the system drove me crazy and I'm still mad about Hobo Phoenix and the lack of recurring characters, I have played through the three original games with Phoenix Wright as the main character and am now back on the first of the Miles Edgeworth investigation games. It has been quite a few years since I played them the first time - I remember Investigations was on display at Tokyo Game Show in 2008, when I was living in Japan and attended the show, and I was excited about the replica of Edgeworth's office, so I must have played the 4 Ace Attorney games before I even went to Japan for the first time - which makes it a good 6 years ago now. There is a lot of nostalgia, and a some interesting things I have forgotten about some of the central cases, but there is also a lot of gnashing of teeth and rending of garments and screaming WHYYYY at the complete lack of legal sense to the games.

Obviously I love the games, or I wouldn't be replaying them now and I wouldn't have bought the new game. I mostly love the gameplay (although, Apollo Justice, less so in your case...) and the characters and the plot (... again, I am side-eyeing the whole hobo Phoenix thing here). Nevertheless, as a lawyer, sometimes the illogic drives me up the wall. I mean, I am sure non-lawyers also stop and go "wtf?" at the fact that you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that SOMEONE ELSE DID IT for the person on trial to be found not guilty... but I suspect that my own desire to howl NOOO, WHYYY at the screen or choke with incredulous laughter and bang my head against a wall is exacerbated by my training and profession. I know I did headdesk at a lot of this stuff the first time round, but I swear it is worse this time. Which is odd, actually, because I don't practice criminal law and I would have studied criminal law not that long before playing the games, so it should have been a lot fresher in my mind. Perhaps it was just as frustrating, and I am misremembering this.

However, like with movies and TV shows that are so bad they are funny, at a certain point all this legal ludicrousness becomes as hilariously ridiculous as it is insanely maddening, and so I have turned it into a game and started keeping a list of things that nobody in the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten universe really knows or cares about. In all fairness, I am approaching this from the angle of an Australian lawyer and the Gyakuten legal system is (loosely) based on the Japanese legal system, so some of these things don't apply or at least not to the same extent if you view it in that context. Still, at least some of this stuff is universal, and either way it amused me, so: I present to you the list of things that nobody in the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten universe legal systems knows or cares about.

So far, having just replayed AA 1-3, skipped replaying Apollo Justice, and starting to replay Ace Attorney Investigations/Gyakuten Kenji, this list includes:

Things that no one knows or cares about in Ace AttorneyCollapse )

Okay, done for now. I mock because I care! XD Wow, that took hours. This is why I stopped updating my LJ so much.

Meanwhile, I just walked out to the kitchen and my parents were watching The Lincoln Lawyer. Now there is an interesting contrast to Phoenix's guilty client...


It's official: I'm going to Spain with my brother in January. And Paris!

It is a little convoluted as to how I got to this point, but to summarise:

1. I was contemplating going to Europe next time I went overseas (not at that point contemplating it to be quite so soon.)

2. My entire family, including non-paranoid members, told me I couldn't afford to travel alone with my medical condition.

3. My brother mentioned he hadn't booked most of his accommodation yet.

4. Upon google search, we determined there was still room on his flights and they weren't much more expensive than when he bought tickets.

5. Some agonising ensued over whether I had enough leave, if I did whether I wanted to use all that leave, and whether I could afford it.

6. Payroll confirmed that I had enough leave.

7. Upon being asked if I could take that leave in january to go to Spain and Paris, boss demanded to know why I was even asking and told me "do it do it do it you should totally go!!"

8. Decided that I really did want to go to Europe and that it'd mean less money to my house-saving fund this year, but on the other hand once I have a mortgage I REALLY won't be able to go. Also decided that while it would be nice to take some leave to just chill, I always end up checking my blackberry and feeling guilty anyway.

9. After being alerted to possible accommodation shortages in San Bartolome by my brother, decided to try calling the B&B that hadn't responded to his email to see if they still existed. They answered! But did not speak English. At all. I do not speak Spanish. At all, pretty much. Thus ensued a hilariously awkward and very expensive phone call. I managed to get across the dates I wanted via speedy googling of Spanish month words and numbers (followed by "Si! Si! Fiesta!!" when they guessed why we were going then - almost all of my Spanish vocabulary right there) and then they found a guy who could speak pretty good English to translate. That was an interesting experience. I think I need to start learning Spanish - I at least had conversational Mandarin in China. :/

In conclusion, flights are booked, some accommodation including in Paris is booked, this thing is totally happening. o/


So I haven't updated in a while but at least on the bright side I have been checking my flist again? And I've been writing posts in my head. I don't know why I don't just write them and post them when this happens, I fail at cyberlife.

Anyway, things:

* After 10 years of internet friendship, I met Kelsey in person for the first time ever! I had dinner with her and Fahye while she was here in Canberra. It was awesome. :)

* Work got really super ridiculously busy for a while, mostly due to a constant need for me to be at meetings plus two senior associates in my team going on maternity leave over the course of one month

* Related to this, I spent 13 hours on the weekend before last working on a tender response. This is worst kind of work you can be required to spend your weekend on, because tenders are very boring, and also it is non-billable so it doesn't help you meet your billable hour targets. Seriously, it is like a job application for your firm, ONLY WORSE. Sigh. On the bright side I got it done, it apparently wasn't crap and we submitted our response on Friday.

* I am still a lawyer until February, whence upon I become an associate, but last Monday my boss told me to move my stuff into an office. I have an office, you guys! Guys! A real office! WITH A DOOR! (not all our offices have doors.) Admittedly like all offices in our... office... the walls and door are made entirely of glass and the door is a sliding door so it is not like it is soundproof or anything but still. An office. MY office!

* I might be going on secondment with a Commonwealth Department for 3 months. Maybe. In theory the secondment was supposed to start yesterday though, so who knows.

* After about two years of not really watching western tv, I have finally been in the mood again to catch up on some of the things I've missed. I watched all of Elementary S1, then finished Sherlock BBC S2, and am currently catching up on White Collar, which I was a season and a half behind in. While on this spree of television I ordered the DVD of the 2009 BBC adaptation of Emma, which I watched with my mother and sister on the weekend. (Jonny Lee Miller: best Mr Knightley ever. My mother, who watched but didn't care overly much for Elementary, lamented the loss of such a good Austen actor.) As previously mentioned, I also finished watching S2 of Once Upon a Time and am currently watching S3 of Teen Wolf as it comes out. I may at some later stage make a post about my feelings on one or more of these things.

* Watched Pacific Rim. It is not my new favouritist movie ever or even my favourite that I have seen recently, but I enjoyed it well enough, more than I thought I would from the trailer.

* Still reading a fair amount. Up until recently this was mostly in the way of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and their young adult equivalents, but after watching Emma I am going through a historical romance phase.


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